The Process

Sessions will typically take around 2.5 to 3 hours. The first step is to wash the hair and apply a protein conditioner to help provide tensile strength if needed. Then a cream containing a chemical compound called ammonium thioglycolate is applied which makes physical changes to the hair’s cysteine linkage, softening the protein bonds and leaving the hair ready to be reshaped. The stylist will determine when the bonds are sufficiently softened, taking care not to over process the hair, and the cream is then washed out. The hair is left wet and rollers – the sizes depending on the style we wish to be achieved – are put on, which are then connected to the digital perm machine. The temperature of each roll is controlled by a software program which sets the curl, thermally reconditioning the hair. The hair is then treated with a mild solution of hydrogen peroxide neutraliser which seals the bonds back together and locks them into their new shape. The neutraliser is rinsed out and the hair is lightly dried and styled.


After you leave the salon you should not wash your hair or get it wet in any way during for the first 48-72 hours. Rain, perspiration and even steamy showers should all be avoided as moisture can block the oxidisation process which is still occurring. The neutraliser is still at work and your hair needs access to oxygen.

You must also avoid any kind of bending of the hair during this period, including wearing hats, clips or hairbands etc. as any undue pressure could result in permanent kinks.

You should not colour your hair for at least two weeks. We recommend using a professional quality shampoo and conditioner for chemically treated hair.